How we help you choose a holiday home

What is the Owner Score?

The Owner Score is a quality score for each property owner or manager based on the bookings they have processed through our site.

The score takes a number of factors into account (listed below) and gives you an insight into how they have managed previous bookings.

Please note that new properties will have lower scores because they have will have not processed as many bookings.

It is therefore worth looking at how long a property has been advertised on our site when judging their score.

Each advert contains a Contact Owner section for their Rentalsystems index information.

How is the Owner Score calculated?

Number of bookings processed through Rentalsystems

The more completed bookings processed, the better we know the property and its owner or manager and the more likely the calendar is up to date - points awarded.

Number of booking requests declined

Declined bookings are usually due to either poor calendar management (availability not up to date) or the owner or manager does not have exclusive control of the calendar – points deducted.

Number of properties on Rentalsystems

If an owner or manager has more than one property they may be able to offer you alternative accommodation – points awarded.

Number of reviews and ratings

The more user reviews and ratings the higher the more information there is for you to form an opinion – points awarded.


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